Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Pest Control Service

Pests and weeds are the sources of nuisance worldwide as they target our toiled settlements. From the warm homes we decorate to our lush golden/green fields, these unwanted living things tend to slack off on our properties and induce harm. 

In Dubai in particular, pests have been invading homes and settlements. Especially in the summer season, presence of humidity and creaks attracts these critters to feel at home-a perk they tend to misuse, causing damage to our property and structures. The food leftovers, the uncovered water reservoirs and your long term absences without taking precautions first send out easy invites for cockroaches and rodents and snakes among others. While one way to keep the pests at bay is by undertaking pest control in your hands. 

The initial cost in buying the chemicals even though will be less, spraying them yourself and ensuring their proper eradication unless you’re an expert yourself, might not yield the results you desired apart from putting you at risk.

This is why hiring pest control services is advisable. Besides being experts at their jobs, the elaborate set of services not only ensure that your house is rendered clean and invasion free, but it  also guarantees long term protection. From the target areas to be blocked to future preventive measures to be adopted, they guide you in means of keeping your homes and other establishments pest free. 

Here are the top FAQs that we often have for a pest control company before they start cleansing our establishments.

Q: Is your Pest control service approved by the municipality?

A: While some are and some are not, therefore, it should come as a good enquiry before they begin their work. Al Manama pest which is one of the oldest pest control companies working in the region offers services that are fully registered & approved by Dubai & Sharjah Municipality.

Q: Why should the professional pest control services unit be hired if the same can be done by me as well?

A: Besides understanding the hazards carried by the chemicals used in the spray, only a professional pest control exterminator is allowed to spray Pest Control Procedures And Pesticides here in the UAE.

Q: Are your products safe for human contact?

A: Again a valid query to understand whether the products sprayed in your homes are harmful or not. Al Manama pest understands your concerns and thereby employs the least hazardous as compared to the other pest control alternatives available in the market.

Q: What products and techniques do you employ?

A: Such questions might be coming from customers even to understand the working of the pest control company at work. It varies from one service to another. Generally Fipronil, Bifenthrin, Abamectin, Cyfluthrin and Hydramethylnon are some of the active ingredients common insecticides contain. Al Manama pest employs environmentally friendly & organic pest control measures like heat kill, traps etc to control the infestation wherever possible, however, pesticides are used where the infestation is uncontrollable.

Q: Does everything need to be washed after the treatment?

A: For the utensils, yes, using a dishwasher liquid and for the preparation counters of the kitchen as well, yes, thoroughly. For this, we suggest you cover your utensils in plastic packets before the pest control exterminator comes over to perform his/her job. The cupboards must be dry wiped with some disposable cloth.

Q: How long should I wait before I make contact with the sprayed surfaces?

A: Ideally, you must wait till the surfaces have dried as by that time the water in the contents sprayed will have evaporated and the active content adhered to the surface. But, if you happen to make contact with the wet surface, you must at once wash your hands thoroughly with lots of water and soap.

Q: What is the minimum time I have to wait before the chemicals start yielding results?

A:  The outcome of spraying pesticides varies with the type of infestation of pests, the method of pest control employed and the area and the quantity of the chemical sprayed on it.

Q: How effective are your pesticides against pest control?

A: There is no one fit for all solution & it holds for pest control. Al Manama pest employs different pesticides, insecticide & rodenticides to control infestation in your properties. For example: use Advion Gel for Cockroaches, Temprid for Bed Bugs, Ratimor for rodents, K Othrine for ants & Huwa –San TR -50 for disinfestation & sanitization

Q: If I am renovating my house, what is the best time to do the pest control treatment?

A: At least two days before moving into a renovated house while all the other tasks like painting, carpet laying, cleaning etc have been completed, it is suggested you perform the pest control treatment then only.

Q: What should be the frequency of doing pest control?

A: For most households, depending on the space of your house and the type of infestation, the ideal interval to repeat pest control is every 2-3 months. However one must always learn to understand the intensity of the concern to be calling upon pest control services so as to not be harsh to our pockets.

Q: What are the measures we must take before the pest control operations take place?

A: Pest Control Service is a full-fledged operation in itself as such one must be ready to abide by the guidance served to us. At Al Manama pests, the pest control exterminator takes necessary precautions & provides guidelines before an extermination process is carried out in your property. The process includes reaching the property location at the right time, a short demo of the pesticides they use to the owners so necessary precautions are taken & finally using their tested methods for the complete elimination of pests.

Q: How much would it cost for the pest control services?

A: Again it varies from one service provider to the other. Unlike other services in the region, Al Manama pests’ offers the most economical plans compared to the industry along with offering after-sale service check without any additional costs. Here is a price list of Al Manama pest control for various types of buildings;

1BHK Flat 175 AED to 250 AED
. 2BHK Flat 200 AED to 250 AED
. 3BHK Flat 250 AED to 350 AED
. Villa 250 AED to 600 AED
. Penthouse 250 AED to 350 AED
. Townhouse 300 AED to 400 AED
. Office 150 AED to 1000 AED
. Restaurant Per Service 150 AED to 500 AED
. Mall As Per Area

Q: How accessible are these services to the common working class?

A: Pest control is a matter of urgency hence help must arrive at the earliest to avoid infestation and spread of diseases. Al Manama pest services among the notable are available 24*7

Q: Which cities of Dubai do you offer your services to?

A: It is important to first look for services within your locality as major pest control services in Dubai offer services throughout the city. Al Manama pest, for instance, has a wide network covering all major emirates & major cities across UAE delivering in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & Ras Al Khaimah including these cities JLT, Karama, Deira, Discovery Gardens, Al Quoz, Al , Marina, International City.

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