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100% Guaranteed & Municipality approved pest control service. Expert technicians, experienced in effective & safe pest control.

24 Hour Service

24 Hour Service

Health Safe

Health Safe

Dubai Government Approved

Dubai gov’t Approved

Sharjah Government Approved
Sharjah gov’t Approved
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ISO Certified

Best Pest Control Dubai Professional and Efficient

We are one of the listed professionals, qualified and licensed. The best pest control Dubai is Dubai’s top pest control company, which offers secure pest control solutions throughout Dubai. However, we have a team of experts in pest treatment in Dubai. They are knowledgeable about various pest infestations that frequently occur in residential and commercial apartments in Dubai.

Killer specialists with advanced discipline training provide insect exterminator services in Dubai. For you, we offer an insect extermination service. As a result, we provide treatment for various pests, including bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, termites, rats, mice, and rodents. Then, among the locals, our bed bug treatment is quite well-liked.

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Pest Control Dubai Price / Pest Control Cost in Dubai.

Are you seeking the best pest control prices in Dubai? There are numerous pest control businesses. These days, it’s not challenging to locate them. Finding a reputable service provider is difficult for this reason.

However, you’re in the proper place. The cost of pest control services varies for the following reasons:

1. Area affected by pests.
2. Warranty / Number of follow-up services needed.
3. Quality of chemicals used.
4. Your locality.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control in Dubai

Safeguard your family and business, and Al Manama Pest Control offers a free site inspection. Offer pest control services for your residential or commercial property. We provide local pest experts in your area, free inspections, and efficient treatments. We offer specialized pest control services. Affordable pest control is available for both residential and business customers in UAE. We have great experience providing services for homes, structures, factories, hospitals, and other locations.

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Why Choose Us

One-time Extermination

With the one-time extermination, you get the Pest Control service in Dubai of an exterminator to do the work on your behalf.

Full Service Pest Removal

Our full service pest removal is a comprehensive Pest control service in Dubai offered by an exterminator to completely deal with the pest problem.

Monthly Maintenance

We provide monthly maintenance for our customers even if its a office or home.

Competitive Prices

Our Pest control Dubai prices are amazingly competitive among other cleaning service in Dubai in this current market.

Frequently Asked Questions

We give the cheapest and the most affordable rate in the industry for the best pest control services. The cost of the service depends upon:

  • Size of the facility
  • Targeted pests
  • Level of infestation
  • Frequency of the treatment

Yes, we are a Dubai Municipality approved service provider.

4- 6 hours is the recommended time frame to leave the area unattended. Once this isolation period elapses, perform a thorough cleaning of the area before moving in.

Yes, we have specialised teams for different areas and are available 24×7 at your service.

We are approved by Dubai Municipality for conducting the pest control treatments.

The time will vary depending on the size of the facility, targeted pest and the level of infestation

In some cases, yes. Depends on the level of infestation and targeted pest. If the infestation level is very low, it will be cleared in one attempt. If very high, one follow-up treatment will be required and expenses for the same will be covered under the total cost.

It is our responsibility to eradicate 100 % of pests, irrespective of the number of treatments it takes.

We only use chemicals that are approved by the UAE Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.