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Deep Cleaning Services

It is highly important to have your premises deep cleaned from time to time, whether it’s your home or work place. Moving into a new house or apartment is also one of the reasons to have the place deep cleaned before you start settling in.

Bacteria and germs enter the place with air and stay, causing health effects. Our professional deep steam cleaning is done with help of steam cleaners, helping to eliminate bacteria, germs, stains and even odor from surfaces and is way more effective that the regular cleaning.

At AL MANAMA we consider the need of every single customer and provide easy, quick and efficient service. Our support team is available around the clock and can book the service at any preferred time, be it morning, noon or night. We provide best deep cleaning service in Dubai that our customers come back for.

Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

It’s important to give your home a thorough cleaning once in a while. One time deep-cleaning solutions to your house is a way out. Al Manama provides deep-cleaning solutions to flat owners and domestic societies. So that you can relish dust and stain free living solutions in Dubai. When it comes to total housekeeping solution, it means total, complete cleaning starting from your entrance door to your balcony, your ceiling fan and all the nook and corners of your house. We are professionals, so cleaning each and every corner of your premises is important for us. Our cleaning experts looks at every corner of your house, including the slider gaps of your window. So, you just need to sit relax during the cleaning task, and within a few hours you will find a new look of your neat and tidy area.

Al Manama will provide you with experienced and professional cleaners who have undergone strict background checks. We look for perfectionists who would treat your home like their own. They are highly rated by other Al Manama customers.

Al Manama provides your with easy and simple booking process with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our service will help you save time and money. You don’t need to stop up on cleaning products or take out time for cleaning. We provide you with trusted, thoroughly vetted and trained cleaning professionals. With our app, you can book yourself and deep cleaning from wherever you are. Our professional home cleaners bring you the best deep cleaning service in Dubai. Our cleaning professionals are very well trained, carry good experience, background verified, passionate and friendly. The products we use for our deep cleaning services are industry standard products. We don’t use any harsh chemicals which might effect the environment. Our services are guaranteed. We provide you a hassle free process. Once you’ve made a booking, we take it from there. Just sit back and relax.

Our kitchen deep clean would include in depth cleaning of stove, counter tops, kitchen platform, cobwebs removal, grease removal, sinks kitchen tiles, cabinets exterior, cabinets interior, appliances exterior as well as interior, empty trash, exhaust fan.

Our bedroom deep cleaning would include in-depth cleaning furniture dusting, mattress vacuuming, cupboard cleaning from outside, windows and grills, lighting fixtures, floor scrubbing, the dry dusting of walls and ceiling.

Our bathroom deep cleaning would include in-depth cleaning of showers and taps, windows & exhaust fan, floor and tile scrubbing, cobweb removal, shelves and cabinets from outside and open shelves if emptied, mirror and glass cleaning water closet and wash basin.

Our hall deep cleaning would include in-depth cleaning furniture dusting, sofa and curtain vacuuming, cupboard cleaning from outside, windows and grills, lighting fixtures, floor scrubbing, balcony cleaning, general cleaning.

For your floor sterilization, we use cleaning and disinfecting chemicals and well-working machinery for removing deep layers of dirt. For your toilet cleaning, we make sure we disinfect, sanitize and deep scrub the bathroom and toilet. For furniture cleaning, we will vacuum all the sofas, upholstery and curtains. For the surface treatments special solution for steel, wood and glass are used. For walls and ceiling, we remove the dust from the walls and ceiling of the entire house. 

You need to give your home a thorough cleaning once in a while. Deep cleaning service in Dubai is available at your preferred time. It is tiring to find time and can every corner of your house. The deep cleaning is a time consuming process and efforts take practice to look attractive. So let us take care of the cleaning, you can free up your time for the things you’d rather be doing instead.

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